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Rainbow Dragon

The Children's Rainbow Dragon of Peace

The Children's Rainbow of Peace Dragon was made from old sails from the Rainbow Warrior and recycled into a constructive peaceful new symbol of a Culture of Peace.

65 Children from the North Shore Children's Art House, ages 7-17 representing many cultures, worked to bring the dragon to life on the eve of 2000, and the year of the Dragon.
The Sails had 'Nuclear Free' words and whales blood on them.

The Peace Dragon has lead many parades heralding the new Millennium and building cultural bridges celebrating our rich global diversity.
There is always a beating of a drum when a Dragon walks overhead - The noise represents the thunders of the Heavens -
the Dragons Footsteps

Dragons are symbols of Life made out of elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

Thet are eternal, (they live forever) they are thought to get born again if they die. If they are slain they come back Bigger and Stronger.

Dragons are very important to all Cultures. Maori call them Taniwha, to Pakeha they are ancient (St George Dragons) and to Chinese they bring Good Luck, they come each New Year.

They have acute vision, the word Dragon means in Greek verb "To see". Every time a new Dragon is made there is a ceremony which involves painting the red on a dragons eyes, tongue and head to bring it into life.

Dragons symbolise Creation and Destruction. Dragons stretch from the vaults of heaven to the depths of hell.

We think of Dragons as being in the clouds. The Chinese people say that you can never see all the legs of a dragon, so when they are painting they hide the legs and only paint about three in the picture so that you can't tell how big the dragon is.

Dragons fill the skies. Dragons are considered guardians, they guard the unformed cosmos. Dragons chase the planets around the skies when they are born.

The planets are like toys to them, that's why they are called Dragon Balls. Every Dragon has a Dragon Ball to chase and play with.

Rainbow Dragon of Peace

The Rainbow Dragon of Peace began in 1999, The Dolphin Trust gave the New Zealand Children's Art House Foundations children the old sails from the Rainbow and Heaths Condor to make something wonderful as a Peace Symbol for the New Millennium. The Rainbow Warrior was a special sailing boat used to go out as a Protest to save the Whales and Dolphin's from killers, and it was used to try to stop Atoll Nuclear Bombers.

It was only a little boat but it took on the Nation of France and dangerously went right into bombsite to try and stop them from bombing. The French were Mighty Mad. Spies came to Auckland and plotted. At night, they bombed, and killed and sank the Rainbow Warrior Boat.

But no one can sink a Rainbow

A Rainbow is a dream symbol. The Pacific has been Dreaming for a Clean Ocean and for unpolluted skies. It was a daunting task to go out to sea and fight giant war ships. The Warrior Boat needed very brave people.

After the bombing, the Rainbow Warrior was laid to rest at sea and today is a marine reserve. When the Sails were given to the New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation they seemed so big. They had NUCLEAR FREE NEW ZEALAND on them and whales blood all over them. What could the Art House Children possibly do with them? How could children use all of this material?

It filled up the studio, 65 children got together, they wanted to make a Year 2000 special Asia/Pacific Dragon. A big one to take out to festivals and carnivals of Peace and celebration in the new millenium.

The children talked a lot about cultural globalisation, about travel now mixing up everyone. The World at 2000 was full of so many different roles and rules.

France thought it could bomb the other side of the world, to test its bombs and that New Zealand was far too small to stop them. But sinking the Rainbow Warrior did stop the bombing and it shocked the world.

The Children planned and worked all summer. They worked hard on the patterns along the tummy, on the cutting of the sailcloth, ribbons on the head, plastering and the colours. They talked about Dragons (Dragons were new to them) "Star Eaters" "Storm Bringers" "Riders of the Clouds"

They consulted Dragon Expert Professor Chan from Hong Kong. They learnt "Dragons have Three Fingers, their dragon had five fingers making it a special and unusual Dragon, the Celestial Guardian of Creativity.

This Dargon brings Inspiration, the New out of the Immeasurable and Deep Blue. It is the Childrens Dragon of colour and energy.

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