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National Directors Page
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        From the National Directors Desk

Newsletter From the National Director

Our New Zealand Children's Art Clubs in their Houses work after school hours providing art club facilities centered around the individual artistic experience of children and work closely with schools in school time providing art extension opportunities. Each Children's Art House is a busy contributor to its community and region and the exhibitions and projects which are operating throughout New Zealand are inspirational and as varied as the Children's Art Clubs themselves.

Our NZ Children's Art Clubs daily prosper the healthy mind, healthy body attitudes within their facilities and the art work coming from the Children's Art Clubs shows great respect and empathy for these attitudes.

The New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation is delighted with the opportunity to work together in their Children's Art Clubs and with local Schools preparing for the International Child Art Foundations 5th World Children's Art Olympiad modeling the theme of A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body.

We look forward to making a wonderful contribution to the 2015 event in Washington D.C. USA.

We encourage all Children's Art Clubs to use the ICAF theme plans remembering that the guidelines for schools are just guidelines and that the child's own creative ideas and effort is the best place to start.

Each successive Child Arts Olympiad has exhibited fresh and innovative works from around the world and provided us all with inspiration and encouragement.

It is ten years since the death of Melis van Der Sluis who wrote our hundred year vision plan and encouraged us to think globally about establishing Children's Art Houses in every community It is a pleasure to welcome new art clubs joining our network around the country and it is a pleasure to see the opening of the Art House at the Sport House on the Gold Coast of Australia headed by Linda and Cheryl Iverson . This landmark achievement has been a long time dream which has become a reality. We look forward to networking with them all and congratulate them on these significant achievements.

I would like to thank everyone who have sent messages to me following the Kiwi Bank New Zealander of the Year 2014 Award and to thank each club for their wonderful work for the children's art in our communities.

We are all moving our dream of building a creative nation from the children up forward into reality and it is marvelous to see across the nation and world. Well done everyone,

Creative Children ensure Creative Communities.
Shona Hammond Boys
National Director

New Zealand Children's Art House Foundation.

                                      Dreaming The Future Differently-
                                                Engaging the Young.

Youth are at the cross roads in vast world wide changes.
World wide youth are expressing concern and fatigue within their communities because they have no voice. 

Youth are the supreme innovators and our best force forward.

Youth appreciate that the Arts are the super communication channels through which we navigate our understanding of self and others.

Youth are the info tech visual generation and bring about new understandings of humanity. 

Youth can cope with the increasing cross cultural exchanges and the assimilation of knowledge exchange, and appreciate the challenging role of keeping the arts umbrella open and the arts role in providing a balance in the complex arena of swift rapid and permanent change.

Youth network diversely and use the arts as signposts recognising the changes and protesting or supporting them.

Youth appreciate that art gives the body soul and that artists will lead the solution finding necessary to address the complexities of our future.

Youth seek harmony and peaceful diversity, and contented lives which are creative.

Youth understand that imagination is more important than knowledge, that curiosity magic and wonder and surprise are vital ingredients to the creative search for skill and for self identity ongoingly throughout life.


·         Inclusion in decision making

·         Listening and engaging youth participation as paramount to community development.

·         Using youths skills and innovations and actioning their dreams. Providing the necessary and wide-ranging community training and facilities.

·         Acknowledgement of youth as leaders

·         Youths equal presence at meetings and decision making

·         Actioning youths plans and believing in them as our best place of investment.

·         Provision of facilities.

Creative children ensure creative communities.

Creative fitness of youth is a priority. Buildings and centres which are permanently supplied and valued by the community for youth, enhance the communities chances of that community achieving vibrant peace.

A statement by Shona Hammond Boys QSM

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Essays by Shona Hammond Boys QSM

Art Therapy

Harvesting Our Talents

and from Ted Talks

'How schools kill creativity" a must see

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