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Shona Hammond Boys QSM PVSA-USA

Shona receives the World Children’s Art Award in Washington from ICAF Chair Dr Ashfaq Ishfaq

Our New Zealand Children’s Art Clubs in their Houses work after school hours providing art club facilities centered around the individual artistic experience of children and work closely with schools in school time providing art extension opportunities. Each Children’s Art House is a busy contributor to its community and region and the exhibitions and projects which are operating throughout New Zealand are inspirational and as varied as the Children’s Art Clubs themselves.

Our NZ Children’s Art Clubs daily prosper the healthy mind, healthy body attitudes within their facilities and the art work coming from the Children’s Art Clubs shows great respect and empathy for these attitudes.

Melis van Der Sluis founding chair of NZCHAF wrote our hundred year vision plan and encouraged us to think globally about establishing Children’s Art Houses in every community and a National Gallery for Children’s Art.

We are all moving our dream of building a creative nation from the children up forward into reality and it is marvelous to see across the nation and world.

The passionate contribution of countless children, families, schools and the enthusiasm of many communities has built a wonderful network of Children’s Art Houses.

Sponsors like Resene have supported the set-up of over 30 Children’s Art Houses.

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Sponsors like Resene have supported the set-up of over 30 Children’s Art Houses.


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